Tuesday, November 17, 2009

At the end of the school year last year, we had to choose an elective for Sophmore year. I was unsure of what I wanted to do until a friend of mine said to do CrossFit. The only reason why I joined was because I figured we would be in the same class. Over the Summer, I started going to the gym and working out every day. When I started CrossFit, my main goal was to become stronger. Since then, I feel that I have become stronger and a better athlete. Every time I do a workout, it seems to get easier for me because I know that I can actually do it. Throughout the first week of CrossFit, I kept contemplating on whether or not I should stay in the class or not, but I’m glad I chose to stay becuase I have more confidence in myself.
When CrossFit started, I was only 116 pounds and I had only 13 percent body fat, and my goal wat to put some more fat on. Now, I’m 118 pounds, but I dropped to 10 percent body fat. I have had a better appitite and my diet has become healthier than it was before I statred CrossFit. When we first started benching, I could barely do 65 pounds. I always though to myself that I could not do this, but I never gave up and now I can bench 95. When I used to push-ups, I had a bad form and it was hard to just get 5. Now, I have a better form and I am able to do a lot more. When I do squats, I always try to remember to keep my knees out and to stay on my heels. When I squatted my own weight, I was proud of mysef because I never expected myself to do something like that. To me, I think the toughest workout was doing 150 burpees because I was not that good at doing them correctly. I kept thinking I was not going to be able to finish all of them, but I did and it was a huge accomplishement to me. My favorite workout was the Filthy 50 because it was mainly combining mostly everything that we have dont so far this year. It was painful, but I think if I did the workouts in a different order, It would have been easier for me,
When I play tennis, I feel that I can last longer into the match without getting tired. When I used to run in a match, I always used to run flat footed, and it slowed me down. Now when I run, I can move around faster and I can get to the ball quicker. This is a big help because I have been playing better than I was before CrossFit. Now when I run, I am able to run a further distance than before because I pace myself, unlike before when I just would start by going as fast as I can and wasting all of my energy.
I’m glad I chose to stay in CrossFit because it has made me a better person and athlete. I have more confidence in myself than I ever did before when it comes to working out. I cannot wait to see my brother when he gets back from college because he always used to be bigger than me and even though he still is, he’s not going to be able to pick on me as much as he did before. I always told him that one day I’m going to be bigger than him and kick his ass like he did to me even though he is 6’2” and I’m only 5’8”. I think he will be suprised when he sees how much bigger I’ve gotten since he left back in August. I also wich that I could take CrossFit for the entire year because it is a good class and I enjoy doing all of the workouts.

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