Wednesday, November 18, 2009

This year I decided to take a course called Cross Fit. In this class our goal is to improve our athleticism, and physical performance all around. When I signed up for this class my goal was to improve my performance in athletics, football, basketball, wrestling, and rugby. To achieve my goal I had to follow the workout assignments and a nutritious diet. Before this class my diet was not nearly as healthy or educated as it is now. I was eating a lot of protein, but had a lot of candy in my diet, and other junk food. I have since eliminated most of the junk food and candy, I don’t go to the bookstore during lunch anymore to get candy, like I used to everyday before. In one of the first classes we had this year we learned that to have the best results of lifting and working out, is to have a great nutrition. Right as I changed my diet I noticed a huge difference, after workouts I would not be as sore for as long. Before I would be sore for maybe three days, now only one. Also I learned how to do new exercises, such as front squats, and butterfly pull ups. I soon noticed an increase, in definition in my body, and endurance, in my running. I could also put up more weight in curtain exercises, like benching and squatting. Soon I could also recognize increase in my performance on the football field. During sprints, I was faster and could run a lot longer than before. I am also stronger than before and, can hit harder, get off blocks faster, and can stay on the field longer because I am not as tired.

Cross fit has also taught me that nothing is impossible; if you put the work ethic in and are determined enough you can accomplish it. The other day in class we watched a motivational video, of a collegiate wrestler with no arms or legs, and he was doing a cross fit work out. They had modified the workouts so that he could do them. The rings were a lot lower, and instead of dumbbells he used kettle balls. It was amazing, he went with another guy, doing the regular workout, and the man with no arms or legs blew the regular man away, it blew my mind. He is a perfect example of, if you put your mind to it, it is possible. It really showed me that if I try hard enough, I can achieve anything. There was also another movie where a cross fit member, Chris Speiller went for one hundred pull ups in a row. It took him four tries, but on the fourth time he passed one hundred, and did one hundred and six. This is another great example of putting your mind to something. One thing I have put my mind on is to play varsity football next year, and with the help of cross fit I think I can do it. Cross fit has also taught me, to balance out my workouts, not to do the same muscle groups, two days in a row, so that you don’t get injured. In the very first day of this class, we took weight, and body fat measurements, and just this week we did it again, and my body fat went down, one percent, and I gained three pounds. That is what I have learned from this class, and some of the things that I have accomplished over the course of the first quarter.

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