Monday, November 16, 2009

Student Papers

Not only has cross fit made me a better athlete; it has made me a better person. Only half way into the program I have seen major results. These results are both physical and mental and range from my health to my strength.
When I started cross fit I was in good shape and relatively healthy. I felt that I was above average in my fitness prior to the class. I was a little nervous the first day because I didn’t really know what to expect. We did air squats in the gym as a group and my personal best was 20 and my lowest was 15. I was pretty happy with what I did and in my journal I wrote that it was not like anything I’ve done before and I was feeling pretty sore. As I progressed and the workouts got more intense I realized just how much room I had to grow and improve.
Having been taught the proper way to eat I went from eating a sugared cereal for breakfast to eating two eggs every morning and going to bed earlier. I was more awake both mentally and physically and that’s when the changes started happening. I noticed an increase of 5 pounds in my bench and my max dead lift for 5 sets was 155 pounds, which I was excited about. Drinking more water each day and eating better plus the added intensity brought about major changes in my body. I gained 5 pounds at our second weigh in bringing me from 5 foot 5 111 pounds to 5 foot 6 116 pounds. My body fat at the first weigh in was 8 percent and hadn’t changed for the second weigh in which meant that majority of the gained weight was muscle. Looking at myself in the mirror in the morning I could see a noticeable difference in my entire body from my arms to my chest and legs. Everything was not only a little larger but also more defined. I could see a transformation happening.

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