Sunday, July 27, 2008

Today I competed in the Massachusetts State Triathlon. Since the birth of Vincenzo my training has been sporadic, so I joined up with my friends Franco and Dean and we raced the Olympic distance tri. I was the runner, Franco swam, and Dean road. We placed first in the Team division and had the 3rd fastest time overall. I won't lie, Dean gave us a huge lead having the fastest bike splint in the race. I ran 40:44 for the 6 mile run. I'll take it for now, but back to business on Monday.

Here is some great insite about CrossFit and Nutrition from Brian Mackenzie of CrossFit Newport Beach

We live in a world that is defined by what is the newest fad or trend. The fitness industry has represented this in every way shape and form. Some think CrossFit is the newest thing and only a fad waiting to round out the bell curve. I say ERRONEOUS on all accounts!

We teach movement from a functional, practical standard. Nobody has ever come up with a standard for fitness like CrossFit has. It is a constantly changing evolving medium. It is exactly what life is… Constantly changing and evolving into what life demands.

I see coaches on the high school, college, and professional levels still teaching and coaching the same things that were used 30 years ago. Because they seemed to have worked? Does something work because your athletes are constantly injured, overtrained, and sick? The overuse of conditioning will wreak havoc on the non-genetically gifted. The genetically gifted will allow kids to become great athletes without the ability of really implementing skills. It will have its toll, which is why we are now hearing of athletes competing later and later in life, while not training as much.

In the late 70’s the “New” food pyramid was blindly pushed into society and everyone started to neglect meat, veggies, and FATS! Kids started eating Captain Crunch, Rice Krispies, and even now Kashi with Non-fat milk. Our society is obese, out of shape, and wants a quick fix. Yet is really unwilling to change the number one thing that is causing the most problems in their lives. Their nutrition!

Studies now show, grains are responsible for inflammation in the gut, and all autoimmune diseases (lupus, M.S. to name a couple). High carb diets are responsible for cancer, heart disease, diabetes, etc., etc., and the nasty list goes on. Yet we are unwilling to eat the right food. Your hormones are out of whack, and menopause comes on like a tornado!

CrossFit “is” back to reality! Our exercises are organic in nature and require skill to learn because we have become couch potatoes, and work-a-holics. The diet we promote is how we were designed to eat. Our people are considered super freaks only because we CHOOSE to do things the way we were designed.

Every program should start with Nutrition. If it doesn’t it is destined for failure. PERIOD! If that diet is anything but the way we were designed to eat. Performance will be limited. Our people prove on every quantifiable occasion that they are superior to any other program.

Change is here, and it is never easy. Anything worth going through will require some form of pain.

Pain is my companion!

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