Thursday, July 3, 2008

Thursday WOD

St. John's Prep Grad and NY Giant rookie John Goff stopped by today to say hello. We all look forward to seeing John play in the Pros. John got his weight training start right here at the Prep. Hard work payed off. Oh, by the way I'm the guy in the tank top :-)
Vin SJP CrossFit

Warm up

3 Rounds
lap around basketball court
5 Air Squats
5 push ups

4 Rounds for time
100 yd sprint
5 Burpees
100 yd sprint
10 push ups
100 yd sprint
5 push ups
100 yd sprint
10 air squats
Steve-11:20 Dave-12:38 Jay-12:50

5x5 Dead Lift 60-75% of max

Cool Down
Dave, Steve, and Jay pushing out burpees

Dave and Steve working on their air squats

Jumping jacks

We had our first Mr. Pukie today. Jay, You kicked butt!!

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