Thursday, June 10, 2010

The year is over and I want to thank all the young men for making my dream job come true. I look forward to next year where I will have 80 new students taking CrossFit for the First time. Rest, relax, and enjoy your summer. I would like to leave you with a reflection from one my students.

Cross Fit Final Reflection

A Fit Transformation

At the end of last year while I was filling out my Sophomore year course selection, I had the option of taking a free period or Cross Fit for my second semester elective. Fortunately, I chose Cross Fit and have thoroughly enjoyed the class and the remarkable transformation that has taken place. Cross Fit has strengthened me, both mentally and physically and has taught me routines and workouts I can keep up with on my own time when the school year ends. Lastly, not only have I seen progress in my weight lifting skills but also on the soccer field where I can last longer and outrun my opponents in a ninety minute match.

As I began Cross Fit in the second semester, I had the mentality that I was already in shape and fit, but little did I know that the workouts we would do, would give me another meaning to fit. I learned that being fit requires one to be strong in endurance and stamina as well as cut and built for weight lifting. All of the workouts we did worked on our strength and got our heart rates up tremendously. One of my favorite workouts was the locker room laps, which incorporated every aspect of our body to the workout and pushed us mentally and physically. Every two laps we ran would work on our cardio, while the workouts in between the next two laps would work on our strength (ex. pushups or knees to bar). The workout I found the most challenging for me was CINDY, where we had to do pull-ups, pushups and sit ups. I found it the most challenging because I have always struggled with pull-ups and my upper body strength since soccer only demands strong endurance and a strong lower body. Physically, I have definitely seen a change through Cross Fit because I am more balanced in every aspect of my body.

Not only have I seen a difference in my body physically but also mentally. Most of the workouts we did pushed me to limits I would have never imagined pushing myself too. It strengthened us mentally, because we would train ourselves to not give up and push through the negativity in our minds and attitudes that would try to force us to quit. I have also have become more knowledgeable about what to eat and what not to eat. My nutrition and diet has changed tremendously. I have gone from snacking on junk to eating full hearty meals that fuel and replenish carbohydrates and protein. For example, a meal I would eat before I began Cross Fit was two bowls of pasta which I didn’t burn off. Now I eat chicken, steak, vegetables and fruit on a daily basis with some carbohydrates to work off. Lastly, through Cross Fit I have bonded and become friends with people I never really spoke to. Cross Fit has changed my life both physically and mentally so I would like to thank you Mr. Miserandino for a great second semester and whenever I have free time in the upcoming year, I will come by and get a workout in.

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