Thursday, June 3, 2010

Jeff Capobianco Kona 2009

Real Coaching

As my Brother Marty and I prepare for Mooseman 70.3 this weekend and then Ironman lake Placid, I want to ask you a few questions about your coach. There are many “coaches” out there making big bucks just writing up programs for dozens of athletes each week. He is probably getting them online, something you could do on your own. If your coach is not doing the following you are getting ripped off. Here are a few questions:
Do you speak to your coach over the phone on a weekly basis? Does he tell you to call him anytime with any questions?

Do you get texts from you coach asking you what your time was after you busted your butt during a key workout or race?

Does you coach use software that lets you see his computer screen and him yours? During those sessions are you taught, shown, and explained in detail how you have progressed over the last 7 months? And where you will be going?

Have you ever been part of a webinar with other athletes to go over every detail of an upcoming race?

Have you ever been told what your cycling power should be on a 4 mile hill and how to go down the back side of that hill so you won’t get killed?

Are you training with power?

Does your coach use Training Peaks?

Does your coach send you to the best shops for professional services? Fitwerx

Does your coach subcontract you to other coaches? Enduranceswimming and feel confident that you are getting quality coaching?

Do you use GPS

Do you have an FTP?

Are you training in zones?

Has your coach dialed in your training and race nutrition for both sprint races and endurance races down to the calorie?

Has your coach told you what color your urine should be?

Do you feel more confident about this racing season than you ever did in the past 14 years of racing triathlons?

Does your coach motivate you?

Does he challenge you?

Does he inspire you?

Has he made adjustments to your training so that you can have a life?

Are your coach’s expectations of YOU realistic?

Does your coach know that he is training you and not himself?

These are just a few simple questions. If your coach isn’t providing these services for you, YOU are losing out.

I want to thank Jeff Capobianco of Breakthrough Performance Coaching for his SECOND TO NONE coaching. Good luck to you this racing season. It’s not too late to get quality coaching. The season is still young. Give Jeff a call.

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