Thursday, May 6, 2010

Getting Race Ready

In next few weeks I'll be preparing for the Mooseman 70.3 Triathlon. Mooseman will take place on June 6th. In the weeks leading up to this race my Coach, Jeff Capobianco of Breakthrough Performance Coaching has designed workouts that will put me in a really good shape to be competitive in my age group ( 40-44). I started working with Jeff in November and I've seen some impressive gains. Thank you Jeff!!

I've also been working with Craig Lewin of Endurance Swimming and feel confident that one of these days its all going to just click. What I mean is that swimming for me is so technical and I'm always thinking about rolling my hips, keeping my head down, and staying long. I could go on and on. Swimming has been the most challenging of the three disciplines but my times continue to decrease and I'm happy with the results. Thank you Craig.

During the Ironman the most amount of time is spent on the bike. 112 miles of cycling to be exact. I can't thank the Fitwerx crew enough for all their detailed time they've spent on making me aerodynamic, powerful, and comfortable on my Felt DA. Here are a few shots of my ride. This is the Ironman setup.

CrossFit has been given a solid foundation so that I can train at the level and intensity that I'm currently training at. That is why I sport the CrossFit logo.

Lastly I'd like to recognize my Brother Marty who is also training for IMLP. This will be Marty's longest race since he started triathlon a few years back. I've never seen anyone progress the way Marty has the last 7 months. Marty is right there during all of the swim sets, Marty's cycling is that of a seasoned triathlete, and he continues to decrease his run times at all distances. He is one to look out for. Keep it up CHAMP!!

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