Friday, September 12, 2008

Friday WOD


Shoulder Press

Push Press

Push Jerk

By far this has been my best year of triathlon in the past seven years. Back in September of 2007 I found CrossFit. I started following the main site WOD and continued Swim-Bike- Run training. In January 2008 I decided to get my level I Certification so I could teach CrossFit to the students at the Prep and apply it to my tri training. I then took the CrossFit Endurance Cert in May and made a few more changes to my training. In a nut shell: CrossFit 4-6 days and Swim-Bike-Run 2-2-2. No more LSD training. Every workout has a purpose. Tempo and Intervals. With a full time job, wife, and two children, CrossFit and CrossFit Endurance are by far the best way to train . Check out the sites and give it a go. Three bits of advice: 1) Get a bike fit, FITWERX 2) CrossFit 3) CrossFit Endurance

I have students come to me every day asking for a sport specific hockey, rugby, or baseball workouts and I say sure, CrossFit.

The plan is the have CrossFit as an elective for credit at the Prep in the future. This year my Sophomore Phys Ed class will be CrossFitting two days a week so that I can map out a curriculum.

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