Saturday, August 2, 2008

Today I swam the Wild Fish 1 mile swim in Salem, MA. My time was 29:14. I placed 2nd in the male 20-39 age group. I was shocked! The official results aren't up on so I'm not sure how I placed overall. The last time I swam this race was in 2006 and my time was 33:19. I'll take a 4 minute improvement any day.

Since I've been CrossFitting my triathlon results have sky rocketed. In my age group ,I have two 1st places and one second place in some pretty large races. I have zero muscle aches or pains. I've heard people say that I drank way too much of the "cool aid" or that I'm not training like a real triathlete because I only do 2 swims, 2 bikes, and 2 runs, and still "lift weights" in season. I've introduce "POSE" running into my training and I'm running pain free and faster that ever. Something is working.

I just picked up a book POSE METHOD of Triathlon Techniques. If you want to "think out side the box" of triathlon training to improve your triathlon game, BUY IT!! Some might think twice about some of their theories and techniques but what do you have to loose if you learn something that helps you improve.

I'll admit that I'm not a "natural" athlete so I'm always looking for ways to improve. So far CrossFit and POSE have worked for me! Try it, it might work for you too!!!

The teacher and coach in me wants to "educate" people who want to learn and who aren't afraid to try something different from the norm. The season is almost over so get going!!!

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