Monday, August 4, 2008

This is what my week is going to be.
Monday: CrossFit -6x 400 - 6:00 min mile pace. REST

I didn't get to work out Monday. Monday will be a rest day. I'm making a few changes to the week.
Tuesday: CrossFit - Run 6 X 400 CrossFit Endurance
10 rounds in 20 min of:
10-50lbs dumb bell swing
5- burpees
5-65lbs sumo dead lift high pull
WOD from Navy

Wednesday: Off CrossFit - Bike race pace on race course
Didn't get to CrossFit
5 x Mile on the bike trainer. 3:11-3:21-3:05-3:04-3:00 All with a half mike rest.

Thursday: Swim in the am. Swim: CrossFit Endurace 4 x 100m/y at best possible pace. Never slowing more than 3 sec per 100m/y + 3 x 200m/y at best possible pace. Never slowing more than 3 sec per 200m. Recover 30sec for 100m/y. Recover 1 min for 200m/y
100s- 1:34-1:36-1:38-1:35
Nahant Tri??? No Nahant

Friday: Tempo 3 mile run
Sat: Swim
Sun: Race
Witch City Tri. 1st age group 35-39, 14th over all. I'll talk it!! If you're not CrossFitting your doing it wrong!!

Check out these interviews with Team USA Olympic Triathlete Jarred Shoemaker. Even he weight trains twice a week with "Functional Training". Are you????

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