Monday, June 30, 2008

Yesterday I competed in the Cohassetee Triathlon. There were a total of 729 racers. This was an amazing event featuring Olympian Jared Sheomaker, Pros Janda Ricci-Munn, Dede Griesbauer, Karen Smyers and many members of the local “Elite” tri club team Psycho. The swim was a foggy mess but fortunately they didn’t cancel it. The bike course was a rolling 12.5 miles and then a 5k rolling run. I had my best race of the year with a finishing time of 59:48. I placed first out of 86 Men age 35-39, 5th age grouper and 29th overall including the pros. This is what I did the week prior. Three main site WODs, 1 CFE swim, 13 mile bike TT, 2 CFE runs: 1x 200-400-800 and 3 mile tempo run. That is it. I felt amazingly strong. I’m not changing a thing. I am going to continue doing 3-4 main site WODs, 2x swims, 2x runs, and 2x bikes. Give it a try!!! Thanks to my Bro Marty at FITWERX for a great bike fit and letting me use the Zipps.

SJP Fitness Boot Camp Week 2

This week we have 3 guys in the Boot Camp. Steve and Jay from week 1 and Dave is new this week.
Warm up
Intro to Bench Press
5x3 Bench Press
Intro to sprint technique
4x40yd sprint
Fran 21-15-9
Dumb bell thrusters
jumping pull ups

Fran:(15lbs dumb bells) 3:35- 40yd sprint: 6:10-5x3 bench press 115lbs
Fran:(10lbs dumb bells) 3:07- 40 yd sprint: 6:8- 5x3 bench press 80lbs
Fran:(8lbs) 3:21- 40 yd sprint: 5:8- 5x3 bench press 80lbs

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