Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Wednesday WOD

Fight Gone on the Main Page. Unfortunately we don't have any rowers so this is what I have for the am Boot camp

Warm up

Hang Power Clean skill with PVC pipe

5x3 Hang power Clean Video Demo

5 Burpees
40 yd weighted sled drag
repeat time/rounds ??

I forgot my camera today. I hope to take some photos of the boys tomorrow. Great work today.

The boys did 5 min(2x) of 5 push press (45lbs/25lbs), 100 meter run, 5 dumbbell swings (15lbs-25lbs), 100 meter run- repeat for 5 min. I also gave them an intro to POSE running. You could tell that it helped on the second round of sprints. The boys ended with Tabata sit ups :-)

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