Sunday, May 11, 2008

Results Are In!

Well, I must say I am very happy with my first tri of the season. Today I raced the JCC Tri in Marblehead, Ma. 250 yd swim/ 10mile bike/ 3mile run. I came in 4th place overall and placed 1st in my age group 35-39. My typical training week is CrossFit 3-4x, Swim 2x, CrossFit Endurance bike and Run 2-3x. I average about 7-8 hours of training. I felt I had more in the tank, but I'll take it. Thanks CROSSFIT. Compared to last year (the course was different this year but still challenging), I improved on everything!!! Well, everything but the swim. I got stuck behind my friend Gordon. . . Sorry Gordo :-) Last year my average pace on the bike was 21.2 and this year it was 21.6. On last year's run, I averaged 6:40 miles, this year 6:18. Very pumped.

Congratulations to my Bro. Marty who placed 3rd (35-39). I better watch out.

My friend Dean won the race, again. Dean, our resident Pro, tore it up. 25.2 average on the bike (including the transitions) and 5:48 miles on the run. WOW!

Kevin, training for IRONMAN Lake Placid, came in 2nd overall. Kevin was dealing with some pain earlier this year and I turned him on to CrossFit. He got back in to the gym and got "functional"and is stronger than ever. Kevin, keep it up! Can't wait to see you at LP. Last year Kevin averaged 6:31's on the run, this year 6:01. SPEED. RESULTS

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