Friday, March 26, 2010

Weekend Reading

Cross Fit has recently become an incredible attribute to my life. It has nestled it’s way into my daily routine, me not only physically, but also mentally, my grades, and my diet as well. This daily workout has changed the way I look at food, I used to look at it as merely food, now I look at it and think, how is this going to affect my body? The workout has affected my physique, which I am incredibly impressed with and continue to surprise myself with some of the daily workouts that I am able to accomplish. I love the fact that I am involved with Cross Fit and am extremely satisfied with the results.

Cross Fit has become a major part of my daily routine. I now go to school day to day waiting for Cross Fit and hoping that it will be another intense workout. Although the workouts can be incredibly demanding, it is the hardest ones that are my favorite because I know that they may be difficult, but it is those tiring ones that will help me even more. I have seen a substantial difference in the way I look and the muscle that I have. I am proud of the muscle that I had before, but am a lot more proud of the fact that I continue to push myself to keep gaining more. Generally, I have felt better about my health, my body, and myself.

Another aspect of my life that I believe Cross Fit has had an effect on is my school life. Even though Cross Fit has nothing to do with academic studies, I feel as though since I have been more excited to be at school, I have been more into my studies. Also, I feel as though after the Cross Fit period, I have used all my energy during the workout, so then for the rest of the day any cooped up energy is gone, allowing me to focus more on the studies. Another reason I believe Cross Fit has positively affected my studies is because now that I have been feeling better about myself, I have been feeling more confident in everything that I do, including school work. Towards the beginning of the school year, I used to feel tired in class and fell asleep a lot, however, now I stay awake and never feel tired, and I feel as though Cross Fit has had something to do with that happening. Cross Fit has been a wonderful helping aspect in my studies.

Ever since I have started Cross Fit I have noticed a major difference in the way I look. I have been generally feeling healthier and more in shape. When I go to do daily activities, I feel as though I have more energy to do them. Also, I feel as though when I lift objects that felt heavy before, feel a lot easier to pick up then they used to be. I have noticed a substantial difference in the difference in my body. Now when I look in the mirror, I don’t need to even flex and I have muscle, and that is an incredible feeling. Part of why this is such an amazing feeling is because I know that this is all a result of my hard work, effort, determination, and dedication.

When I started with the Cross Fit program, I never imagined the effects that I would start to see so early. I had some idea that I would see results, however, I was still shocked to see such incredible results at such a fast pace. One of the best parts of taking Cross Fit is that not only do I start to gain muscle and become more fit, but I learn techniques and lifting styles that I would never have learned anywhere else and that I can use when I am on my own and at home. I love taking Cross Fit and can not see a single downside to it.

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