Saturday, January 23, 2010

End of Semester Reflections

This Cross Fit class has helped me out a ton for my athletics and for my body over the last few months. I have developed more strength and a better mental state of mind throughout this semester. This class has improved my performance on the basketball court, especially, because I am gaining much needed strength in my upper body. Also, my leg muscles have developed more strength because I am noticing a better vertical leap during basketball games and practices. However, the main thing that I have gotten from CrossFit, this semester, is how I have learned the skills that are necessary to maintain a healthy body and continue to get stronger. I have learned new workouts, and how to do various types of workouts focusing on different parts of the body, but especially the core. I never knew any of these workouts we’ve done until I took this course, so now I can use the information I’ve learned, and continue to use it on my own, whether it’s in my basement or at the local gym. I will definitely continue to work out and maintain a healthy body as well as improve my nutrition habits which I have learned a lot about as well. Overall, I enjoyed this CrossFit class, and what I have learned from it for the future.

Overall, I think you have honestly been a great instructor for this CrossFit course. I like the workouts you assigned us because they changed every day. Also, I like how you push us during each workout because sometimes, we might need that motivation. Also, I enjoyed how you made this class pretty competitive for each workout, especially the timed ones because we’d have that extra motivation to beat our classmates’ time. I think you did a good job choosing the days we have off and watch a video, and a great job choosing the days to give us a difficult workout such as the Fran one. One critique of this class is that maybe we could’ve done more game/competitions but other than that I have no negative criticism towards this semester or to you as an instructor.

This CrossFit class has most importantly taught me the habits to continue doing these workouts. That is exactly what I wanted to get out of this course because I needed it to improve my strength and my body for athletics. Now I can put the stuff I’ve learned to use on my own time and will hopefully see even greater results in the future. I have definitely enjoyed CrossFit as a class because it has improved my body which helps out my athletic performance, which is, also what I wanted to get out of this semester. Honestly, working out has never been something I really enjoyed but it was great to get a break from the academic classes and just focus on something else like exercising. I hope to keep seeing improving results by continuing to use the methods of working out and nutrition that I have learned in this CrossFit class this semester. I think it’s great that St. Johns Prep has formed CrossFit as an elective and also that you have done a great job of being a helpful instructor for us this first half of the year and I thank you for that.

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