Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Student Papers

Cross fit has had a great impact in my life. Since the class began, I find that I improved drastically in both the class and sports. I have gotten faster and stronger. My football season has gone great and I can not wait to see how my wrestling season turns out, but I know that because of cross fit I will have an excellent season. Getting into the class one area where I see improvement is in my nutrition. By learning how to eat healthy, balanced and properly my results in performance has improved. Before I would eat junk food all the time and Chinese food about four times a week. I have cut down bug time on these eating habits. My meals have fallen into routine. I wake up and eat a good breakfast, after my second period I have a zone bar, then I eat a high protein lunch, after cross fit and before practice I eat another protein bar, then I finish my day with a good dinner. I have cut down on Chinese food I eat about twice a week now only on the weekends but I am trying hard to omit it from my diet. I have replaced soda for juice and water. I mostly drink water and juice about twice a day I am planning to completely remove juice and stick to water. I sometimes drink milk as well. One thing about my nutrition that makes me feel good is that I don’t eat sugar anymore, well sweets, like candy and chips. I hardly eat junk food for I don’t need it.My goal of the class was to get stronger and I came in at the beginning of the year weighing 154, with a 22 percent body fat. I now weigh around 157 with a 21 percent body fat. I still believe I can get better results but now my goal has changed I want to lose fat and gain muscles so I am going to try to reduce my percent body fat by even more. If I work harder than I am sure I can accomplish it. I am pleased with this class because we incorporate a lot of workouts. Some days we will do lower body, while other days we do upper body, and others we run, which is good conditioning. I find myself playing and going through football practice easier because I have gotten in shape thanks to the class. We mostly do lower body, which is important because your legs and hip is like you main source of strength. One thing we should also add is more core body strengthening like more abs workouts. I do think that we can do more upper body, although I am not complaining because I did increase my max in the bench press I use to max out 115 and now my max is 135. I also think my deadlight is decent since I have a 5 rep max at 225lbs. But how much weight I can do is not important because if there is one thing that I learned in cross fit that I will always keep with me is that if I give it my best and I have no regrets at the end of my workout then I am set. As far as cross fit goes I am happy with the class and I love taking it and I am looking forward to reaching my goals in the second quarter.

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