Sunday, November 8, 2009

Student Papers

Since completing the first quarter of Cross-fit I found that my physical fitness and mental capabilities have strengthened greatly. I started the class at five feet eight inches and weigh one hundred and fifty pounds. Since completing the first half of the class I found that I have gained nearly five pounds though my body fat has decreased. In seeing this it led me to believe that I have gain muscle. I learned many new muscle building techniques and perfected many exercises I previously used: such as burpees, jumping chin-ups, air squats, crunches, box jumps, and military pressing. I have learned how to do the bench press and clean squats much better. I have also changed my diet towards eating healthier and incorporated more protein, carbohydrates, and good fat in the form of nuts, seeds, vegetables and meat. Besides improving my physical health in general, the Cross-fit class has improved my strength helping me to perform on the football field.
Even though my body fat has decreased and I have gained weight I believe that I could diet much better. I have recently been going to the grocery store to help my mom pick out more healthy foods. I have been incorporating much more meat and fish in my diet. I have also been eating a salad almost every night to try to get more vegetables into my diet. Even though I still have been eating probably too much junk food I believe I have cut back much more than before. Watching the videos on Cross-Fit and seeing the people who follow this diet and exercise routine has motivated me to become more physically fit. When I see these videos all I can think about is me growing up and looking like that.
Some of the exercise techniques you have introduced me too have gave me a more wide range of exercises. With this I can now go home and actually do a workout rather than go home and pretend I am doing a workout. Even the exercises that I did before such as the bench press, pull-ups, sit-ups, and push-ups, I now can do better and can feel myself getting more out of the workout. Some exercises, such as running around the track four times and doing one hundred air squats after each lap, I have found the most helpful. After these workouts I am usually sore and feel it in my legs and thighs the next few days. Despite the fact that I cannot go home and do these workouts because of the vigorous football schedule I know that after the football and basketball season are over I will do them. I want to become stronger and improve my performance on the field so I truly do believe that I will follow these workouts. Hopefully when basketball season comes around I do see an improvement in my ability to get to the basket and score. I believe that Cross-Fit will help me in this part of my game because I have become stronger.
I remember when this class first started and I was out of shape from the summer, I came in here and had trouble with some of the workouts mainly my legs. Since then my legs have actually gotten more muscular and it has become visible. Now when we do workouts such as the Filthy Fifty or four hundred meter run and four hundred air squats I do not feel as sore the next day. I honestly cannot wait until the basketball season to see my physical improvement on the court. I also cannot wait until the time when I go home at three o’clock and have plenty of time to workout and then do my homework. At that time and over the summer I am going to try to improve my physical fitness even more and hopefully reach my goal of looking like one of those Cross-fit guys.

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