Thursday, February 12, 2009

WOD From my friends Matt and Donna at MaD CrossFit

Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

15 Push-ups

12 Ring dips

115 pound Push-press, 9 reps

Scale weight, reps, and exercises as needed

Have you seen the LOOK? By David Goggins
I have been getting some questions about my military stories. A lot of people have been asking me to tell some stories. So... Here goes. This is a story from one of my BUD/s classes. BUD/s is Basic underwater demolitions SEAL training. Have you ever seen the LOOK? The look is when someone's sole leaves them. The look is when someone has no more purpose. The look is when someone gives up on their mission. But, in this case, the look is about having too much confidence. Most of you probably already know this, but I have been in Hell week of SEAL training 3 different times, so I know the look well. I have seen it a lot. I'll never forget one time when I was going into my third hell week. I knew the misery that was coming my way. There was a guy sitting at the table during chow before hell week started that asked me a question. "How bad is Hell week?" I responded by saying that I can't really describe it to you. It's something that you have to experience for yourself. He responded by saying " I can't imagine anything being so tough that would make me quit." I just stared at him with a smile. Inside my head I was thinking, soon myfriend you will understand what I am saying.So after we ate Hell week started a few hours later. All night into the morning we were getting our butts kicked carrying boats, carrying logs, running up and down the beach, push ups, sit ups, ect... The worst part was sitting in the 48 degree water not knowing how long you would be sitting there. Hell week is 125 hours. In that 125 hours you may get 2-4 hours of sleep. At this point it was only 6 hours in. At this time in Hell week people start to realize how much hell week really sucks. You start to question your abilities and why you are there. You start to think it's impossible for someone to complete this. You start thinking you are only 6 hours in and I have 119 hours left. This is the point in Hell week when you see the LOOK. When they asked us to get back into the water again I looked at the guy who asked me the question about hell week. And the look was already forming. Another 12 hours had past of the same butt kicking and the instructors never let up. It just got harder the more tired you became and they pushed harder when they realized you were getting tired. We were at our 2nd medical check and I looked at the guy again. We were standing there in our shorts shivering and freezing our butts off. He looked up and our eyes met. I smiled at him expecting to get the same response, but instead...I got the full blown LOOK. The look of I'm not doing another push up, sit up, flutter kick, run, and I'm sure as hell not getting in the cold water again look. After medical check they told us to go into the water. As the class started walking toward the water, the same guy walked to the truck to quit. This is one of my favorite memories because everybody comes to a point in there life when they want to quit. But it's about what you do at that moment that determines who you are. I enter these events for this moment. It's not to win or anything else. It's to test myself when I feel like I have no more. It's to try and never have the look. It's to over come the look.

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