Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wednesday WOD

Warm up

Dead lift
9 x 3
1-3 warm up
4-6 get in to it
7-9 get some

15 min of
25 GHD sit ups
25 GHD back extensions
25 flutter kicks
25 leg lifts

Power file from record setting Time Trial
As some of our readers know, Fit Werx 2 co-owner Dean Phillips set a few time trial records this past summer. Below you’ll find his power file from the Dover Time Trial from September 3, 2008 where he averaged 29.40 MPH. Watts are in yellow, MPH in blue and RPM in green. The horizontal axis shows minutes. If this is “Greek” to you, but are interested in learning about riding with power then you may be interested in the Watts Seminar on Nov. 19th at our Peabody, MA location.

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