Saturday, May 24, 2008

Weekend Post

I will be attending the CrossFit Endurance Certification this weekend (Sat & Sun).

WOD. Go run a race :-) There is a great local5k race this Monday in Swampscott. Here is the Link.

Maybe the Keon brothers will show up. I know Chris can finish but can Andrew and Nick????

A big Thanks to Mike Conner. I was sitting in the weight room yesterday around 4:15pm reading my book waiting for 5:00pm to come. Friday's are usually a slow day so there were only a few guys that came at 3:00. Well, Mike was pounding out reps of shoulder presses and his hard work and motivation got me off my butt. I did yesterday's main page WOD and was jazzed when I finished. Mike and the crew have been working their butts off this off season. Thanks for the Inspiration Mike.

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