Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Wednesday WOD & Rugby Recap

Pick one or both :-)
5 Rounds

5 reps bench Press to max push ups
5 Rounds
3 reps shoulder press to 3 reps push press

Rugby Recap from Coach Mcaleer

SJP Rugby Recap

1. Regular season - undefeated 7-0 in DI

2. NERFU Champions (New England Rugby Football Union), with wins over Cheshire, Amoskeag and Lincoln-Sudbury at the championship tournament

3. Placed 5th in the Northeastern region at the NRU (Northeastern Rugby Union) tournament at West Point last weekend. (NRU is comprised of NERFU, Met NY and Upstate NY teams)

4. Regular season points for: 290, points against: 34

5. Top scorers include Nate B. and Neal G.– both Crossfit devotees

The Prep is DEFINITELY a team that stands out in terms of their fitness. Big tournament wins, and second half play are proof that we have the fitness, speed and longevity to play a 70 minute, continuous full contact game, and outlast our opponents.

Many other teams have a mentality that their forwards (the "big guys") need size and power strength to be the best. Our forwards understand that cardiovascular fitness and endurance are key components that win every time - and we have stolen enough balls from opposing rucks and scrums to prove the point. Our decreased injury rate in the last couple of years is also a credit to the fitness level of players for this sport.

Next year's team will be led by players like Andrew V., Zak K. and Mike S. '09 - all devoted to CrossFit.

Coach Maurice K., is a original Crossfit convert - introduced to it by Dave Picardi of North Shore CrossFit in Topsfield, MA. We sent a few guys up there for a year, and have worked to implement Crossfit training into practice sessions as often as possible. Both the JV and Varsity squads have seen great results in the last two years - and the boys are sold on the effectiveness of the quick but ferocious workouts. We have also learned to run practices so that practice sessions themselves incorporate the principles of Crossfit fitness - and often get the workout without having to stop for specific "fitness" drills. Coach Maureen M.

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